Terms & Conditions

When purchasing an All Season Outdoor TV, you, the customer, agree to the following. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute a legal binding contract between the customer and All Season Outdoor TVs. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. The most recent Terms and Conditions will always be posted on the All Season Outdoor TVs website at www.allseasontvs.com.


Any customer may return their TV within seven (7) days from when it was received for a full refund, as long as the TV is returned in its original packaging and is deemed “like new” and is in complete working order at the time it's received by All Season Outdoor TVs. The customer is responsible for the return shipping and insurance costs.

If the TV has been used and it's within thirty (30) days from when it was received, the customer may choose to return the TV, in its original packing, for a 15% restocking fee. The customer will also be responsible for the return shipping and insurance costs. The TV must be in complete working order and show no signs of misuse or unnecessary wear.


Every All Season Outdoor TV comes with a Two (2) Year Replacement Limited Warranty for both residential and commercial use. Used or demo units will have unique warranties which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all damage will be covered under warranty. If the TV is dropped, improperly installed, connected to faulty wiring, used without a surge protector, used without a GFI outlet, submerged in water, abused or vandalized, altered in any way by the customer, used for over 12 hours per day, or any other instance where the TV is neglected or exposed to improper use, the warranty claim may be denied. The warranty promises the internal components and the external enclosure and components of the TV will be free from manufacturer defects for the duration of the warranty period.

To extend the life of your All Season Outdoor TV, please do the following:
Place an outdoor TV cover over the TV when it's not in use.
Unplug the TV during intense electrical storms.
Ensure the TV is mounted securely using an outdoor rated mount or stand.
Have the TV in a shaded area (i.e. under a patio roof, umbrella, eave, pergola, etc.) for optimal performance, visibility and longevity.


If a customer begins to have problems with their TV, they must contact their reseller or All Season Outdoor TV's support team. All efforts will be made to fix any TV that experiences problems, and if/when repairing the TV is unsuccessful, a replacement will be provided. If an identical model is no longer available or is discontinued, a comparable unit will be used. Customers will be responsible for the return shipping of any damaged TV in need of warranty repair, including shipping insurance. When a replacement TV is deemed necessary, the damaged TV (including any included cables and remotes) must be received by All Season Outdoor TVs before a replacement is sent. Any warranty claim that arrises within 30 days from when the product is received by the customer will have the return shipping cost refunded to them as long as it's determined that the TV is covered by the warranty.

It may be necessary for the customer to send photos and/or video of the TV, its installed location, and any other helpful imagery when troubleshooting the problem.


At times, All Season Outdoor TVs may have limited stock available for their TVs. All efforts will be made to communicate low stock or out of stock items to potential customers.

Product images are meant for reference only. TVs will perform differently in each unique environment.

Product specifications are subject to change over time.

All products are tested and inspected prior to shipping.

Shipping times are estimated and are largely determined by the shipping company used. All Season Outdoor TVs will do all they can to meet any and all requested deadlines, however customers must understand that there is always a possibility for shipping delays with the shipping company due to weather, logistics, and/or labor issues.


All Season Outdoor TVs will not be liable for any loss of business, consequential or punitive damages, installation and/or labor costs, or any other related expenses due to any TV malfunction and/or warranty claim. Please note however that every effort will be made to repair and/or replace a damaged TV as quickly as possible.